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Dementia Friends Session at Exeter College

Exeter College 19.11.15

Gina was invited by Anna Rawles to deliver a Dementia Friends session at Exeter College this week.

The 20 Health and Social Care students showed such enthusiasm and engagement, and some of them are already working in dementia care.

When asked to consider how they would turn their understanding into action there was a keen interest from some of them to partake in the free Dementia Friends Champions training. They are also looking to support EDAA for Dementia Awareness week, in May next year.

‘Gina is a real inspiration and her passion for dementia awareness and sharing best practice is infectious. It was an absolute pleasure having Gina come to Exeter College to deliver a Dementia Friends session to the Health and Social Care degree students. The students got so much from the talk and there has been a real air of excitement from the students who are keen to get on board and support Gina and the Alzheimer’s Society in becoming Dementia Champions. I am hopeful that on completion of their training, some of the Health and Social Care students will go on to deliver Dementia Friends sessions to other students within the college.’ 

Anna Rawles, Health and Social Care lecturer, Exeter College

‘Gina’s talk did more than just inform us about dementia, it inspired and motivated us to want to do something ourselves. Her passion shines through and puts this major issue where it belongs – firmly out in the open. I am proud to be a dementia friend and as an organisation, Dementia Friends is very lucky to have a champion like Gina.’

Sharon Birch, Foundation Degree Student, Exeter College

‘Gina brought the ‘human touch’ to a group of symptoms called dementia. Her passion is evident and a much needed breath of fresh air in Health and Social care education’.

Valerie Wheatley, Access to Higher Education student, Exeter College

‘I felt really honoured to become a ‘Dementia Friend’ and thoroughly enjoyed the time we had with Gina. The session was inspiring and really informative. I now plan to raise funds and awareness during Dementia Awareness week in May.’

Joanne Gibson-Fletcher, Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care Studies student, Exeter College.