Living Better With Dementia

If you have received a diagnosis of dementia there are lots of things that will help you live as well as possible.

Living better (also known as living well) includes practical adjustments that can be made to help you do this. This page offers advice and tools to enable this.

Here are some helpful guides from the Alzheimer’s Society:

Safety in the HomePractical Guide

Being ActivePractical Guide

In the WorkplaceGuide for Employers

Your Personal Living Well With Dementia Handbook

Dementia Explained for Children and Young People

Helpcards are available for people living with dementia to make it easier to get help or assistance when out in the community. They allow a person to record their name and contact details, and the details of someone close to them who can be contacted if they need help.

Dementia Friendly Signs for your Organisation or Home

Below is a watermarked template example of a sign that could be used in your home or organisation. These signs – designed by Carrie Clarke – are exclusive to the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance.

The three different toilet signs below are £20 per sign including VAT with FREE delivery in Exeter. There will be an additional cost for postage and packing outside of Exeter. It is recommended to purchase them with the very strong double-sided tape – if so, add £1.50 per sign.

They have been designed by an occupational therapist for a specialist NHS dementia unit and have the following unique features:
*   They contain image, shape and word, giving the viewer 3 different ways of interpreting the information
*   The basic design has been adapted to include a directional arrow to encourage way-finding
*   Easy read lettering and use of colour contrast to enhance readability – DDA compliant
*   Passes rigorous NHS infection control standards – easy to clean
*   Easy to install – fix with strong double-sided adhesive tape
*   Strong, durable design construction – virtually indestructible (made from 3mm dybond)
*   Supports dignity and independence of people living with dementia
*   All proceeds will go to the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance, working to create a more dementia friendly Exeter

There are three signs including: a straightforward version to go directly on toilet doors and another version which incorporates an arrow to work as a directional sign to help with wayfinding.

They have been designed for and supported by the King’s Fund’s ‘Enhancing the Healing Environment’ programme for dementia care environments.

For orders contact:

Watermarked Toilet Image Correct Size







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