Member Testimonials

Exeter Alliance Member Testimonials:

“As a busy Health Centre, we see people every day living with dementia or caring for people with dementia.  Our staff are trained to deal with people from all varieties of life, with all kinds of life challenging problems, but the majority of us were always a little unsure of the best way to deal with patients who are obviously struggling with communication as a result of dementia.  We also all knew someone who lived with dementia.

Gina came along to a lunchtime session at the Health Centre and gave a most powerful presentation on living with dementia.  Without exception the staff were moved enough to want to do something to make sure we made life easier for any of our patients in similar situations.  As a result we have taken part in fund raising activities and try to encourage other businesses in our locality to join the Dementia Alliance.  The Alliance is helping us learn more about living with dementia and what we an do to help.

We’re proud to have received our Dementia Friendly sticker, which we display with pride on our entrance door.”

Gill Heppell – Practice Manager, St Thomas Medical Group

“The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) is proud to be part of the Alliance and stand within this growing community of organisations. RAMM values the contribution of each visitor, and invites everyone to explore. We welcome people with dementia at the museum, where there’s always something to discover – about objects, about the world, about yourself or the person with you.”

Ruth Gidley – Community Participation Officer, Royal Albert Memorial


 The Exeter Dementia Action Alliance is administered by Charities Trust Charity Number – 327489

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