The Exeter Dementia Action Alliance – Working together for a Dementia Friendly Exeter

The past 18 months have been immensely challenging for everyone, especially people affected by dementia. As we finally emerge into Spring and a relaxation of the lockdown, everybody connected with the Alliance wishes you a safe and enjoyable time.

For information about Coronavirus for people affected by dementia please go to the Alzheimer’s Society website.


Our new Exeter COSY Routes project is aiming to support the health and wellbeing of the city including dementia-accessible walks. To find out more watch this video and visit our COSY website.

We are currently fund-raising to develop the COSY Routes project. If you would like to help us develop our project or support the Alliance with a gift please visit our donate page hosted by Charities Trust.

If you would like to be sponsored to walk or run the COSY Routes we also have a Sponsor Me page, again hosted by Charities Trust.


COSY Routes is supported by Exeter City Council


We believe that a dementia friendly Exeter requires greater community awareness and opportunities to live well with dementia.

We understand that change comes when people commit to practical actions that help build a dementia friendly community.

With over 850,000 people living with a dementia diagnosis in the country and no cure yet, it is vital we continue to consider how as a society we can collaborate and make a difference for those living with the condition and their families.

As an Alliance we value all of our members and supporters across the city and beyond who are behind our mission and make the alliance what it has become today, we thank you all.

To learn more about Dementia Action across Exeter email

The Exeter Dementia Action Alliance is administered by Charities Trust Charity Number 327489

Charities Trust was established in 1987 as a registered charity and handles and distributes in excess of £90 million of charitable funds annually on behalf of clients and their employees as well as individual donors. For more information on Charities Trust visit their website or email

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